Pour ce faire, le prélèvement des spathes est réalisé au stade émergence. Genotype Q and Regalona cultivar were surpassed in heads yield, seed yield and straw yield compared with the other genotypes. Simulation of quinoa Chenopodium quinoa willd. UV-C light in the range of — nm has been used in food as an alternative technology to avoid chemical fungicides. The carbon source, kinetic parameters of growth were correlated to the biochemical composition and especially to the lipid content and the fatty acid profile to evaluate the interest on biodiesel production. The plot area was of 8. On the other hand, salinity had a negative effect on such content in genotypeQwhich recorded the lowest value 6.

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Analytical Chemistry, 28, The acidity values obtained are highly desired to improve the hygienic quality of the end product, since the pathogenic bacteria are sensible and rapidly eliminated in acid conditions. Effect of nutrients on growth and lipid accumulation in the green algae Dunaliella tertiolecta. Linoleic acid is metabolized to arachidonic acid and linolenic acid to eicosapentaenoic acid EPA and docosahexaenoic acid DHA. Nous pouvons observer dans cette représentation les différentes zones de répartition du figuier en Tunisie. Le choix d’un inhibiteur de protéases adéquat le PMSF ou le mix d’inhibiteur de protéases ne semble pas avoir une relation avec la qualité de protéines obtenues après l’extraction.

Seed protein, fractionation and amino acid composition. Développement de pousses végétative à partir de la culture in vitro d’explants inflorescentiels de bananiers Musa sp. Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 27, — A rapid method for total lipid extraction and folm.

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Crude oil biodegradation under simulated and natural conditions. Les gels colorés sont ensuite numérisés avec un scanner proXpress, Perkin Elmer et les images analysées avec le logiciel Samespots V2 de chez Nonlinear Dynamics. La culture mixotrophe a montré une croissance plus élevée que celle ell en culture autotrophe. Results showed that 6 kJm-2inducedthe highest reduction of mesophilic, coliforms, yeasts and molds counts whilekeepingthe chemical and sensory quality of dates throughout the shelf life.


The effect of excess moisture on mesg germination of Spinacia oleracea L:.


Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 79 5— Etude physico-chimique et microbiologique des olives vertes désamérisées en fermentation. As regards pH, with the exception of one isolate at pH 8, all strains can grow regardless of the pH value.

In this regard, Quinoa is a very interesting food due to its complete nutritional characteristics mainly to their high content of good quality protein Ranhotra et al. It degrades thestored dates and causes weight loss downgrading the commercial value of the fruit Haouel et al.

Given the richness of their composition in sugar, Deglet Nour dates are exposed to alteration by yeasts, molds and insects in the field and throughout the commercial shelf life.

It may be due to the antimicrobial compounds produced by lactic acid bacteria Klaenhammer et al. Une étude de la répartition du figuier en Tunisie selon un modèle de niche suivie d’une étude de la composition du sol des zones prospectées Nord, Centre et Sud de la Tunisie a été analysée.

The monitored coliforms counts must be ep as relevant due to the risks of these microorganisms for consumers. Le milieu de culture a été par la suite réparti dans des erlenmeyers à raison de ml.


Cadi Ayyad Marrakech — Maroc, p. L’analyse protéomique a concerné 12 accessions de figuiers Tunisiens: Chemical composition in seeds of quinoa genotypes under saline stress conditions.

film el mesh mohandes hassan

Faculty of Agronomy- Agronomic Engineering. Sequencing reactions were performed using a Big Dye kit Applied haseanand sequencing fragments were analyzed with Bioedit, aligned with Clustalw and introduced into Blast to be compared with GenBank sequences.


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Regulation of hexose transport in Chlorella vulgaris. Effect of temperature and nitrogen concentration on the growth and lipid content of Nannochloropsis oculata and Chlorella vulgaris for biodiesel production. Polyamines and free amino acids variations in NaCl-treated emberogenic maize callus from sensitive and resistant cultivars.

Étant donné que le résultat de la distribution ne correspondait pas à la distribution connus du figuier, nous avons divisé les 19 variables environnementales en deux groupes, le premier groupe comprenant les variables en relation avec la précipitation, le deuxième groupe les variables en relation avec la température.

Content of fat, vitamins and minerals in quinoa Chenopodium quinoa, Willd. Diversity of Rhizobia isolated from various Hedysarum species.

film el mesh mohandes hassan

However, since several decades, the fig trees are threatened by strong genetic erosion caused by biotic and abiotic stresses such as intensive urbanization and absence of phytosanitarian norms. Since, each genotype characterized by unique architecture of BOX-PCR profiles, these genotypes can be considered as different strains.

Their application on the olive fermentation may improve the end product nutritional, organoleptic and functional properties, by reducing the nutrients losses due rl debittering and washing olives, and producing fermented olives rich of lactic cells and their metabolism products.

film el mesh mohandes hassan

In this regard, Abugochet al. Heydecker et Chetram ont rapporté aussi mewh partie de la dépression de la germination en présence de l’excès d’eau est le résultat de la colonisation bactérienne des glomérules. Studies on the mechanism of the antimicrobial action of oleuropein. Occurrence of sapogenins in leaves and seeds of quinoa Chenopodium quinoa Willd.